Feathers 1.1.0

The latest version of Feathers, the user interface component library for Starling Framework is now available for download. A ton of improvements went into version 1.1.0, including a number of bug fixes and new features. Some new components were added in this version, including NumericStepper, TextArea, and Panel. Additionally, the new AnchorLayout helps you create fluid layouts to target a variety of screen sizes.


The latest stable version of Starling Framework (1.3) is required to use this version of Feathers. For the first time, feathers.swc is built with the new ASC 2.0 compiler included with the Adobe Gaming SDK. However, if you prefer to continue using the older compiler from the Flex SDK to compile your apps, that’s perfectly fine. The SWC should be compatible. Targeting Flash Player 11.7 or AIR 3.7 is recommended as this SWC is built with the -target-player=11.7 and -swf-version=20 command line arguments.

This release also comes with a number of documentation updates, including extended descriptions and many useful links throughout the Feathers API documentation. Meanwhile, the Feathers Manual has been updated with more articles and tutorials to help you get started with all of the Feathers UI components. A couple of new examples were added too, including a simple to-do list management app and a train schedule lookup app that has its own custom theme.

As always, I’d like to thank you, the community, for helping me with all of your bug reports, feature requests, and discussions in the forums. Without your help, this and all releases of Feathers wouldn’t turn out as nice as they are. Thank you, again, and happy coding!

About Josh Tynjala

Josh Tynjala is a frontend software developer, open source contributor, karaoke enthusiast, and he likes bowler hats. Josh develops Feathers UI, a user interface component library for creative apps, and he is a member of the OpenFL leadership team. One of his side projects is Logic.ly, a digital logic circuit simulator for education. You should follow Josh on Mastodon.

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