Feathers 1.0 — hot on the heels of Starling 1.3

Thank you to everyone in the community for your continued support of Feathers. Today, we’ve finally reached the big milestone that many of you have been waiting for. You can download Feathers 1.0 now. Be sure to grab Starling Framework 1.3 too.

Development of Feathers 1.1 has begun. I pushed several changes today that have been sitting in a local branch, which makes Feathers on Github unstable again. If you’re just getting started with Feathers, stick with 1.0 from the Feathers website, where things are more stable. If you want to test out what’s going into Feathers 1.1, and you’re not afraid of the occasional issue, then Github is the place to be.

I have good stuff planned for the next version, including fluid layouts, focus management for desktop apps, and a lot more. As always, I’m looking forward to community feedback as these new capabilities start to appear. Don’t be afraid to make bug reports or feature requests. Even if something seems “obvious”, don’t hesitate to mention it. Thanks!

About Josh Tynjala

Josh Tynjala is a frontend developer, open source contributor, bowler hat enthusiast, and karaoke addict. You might be familiar with his project, Feathers UI, an open source user interface library for Starling Framework that is included in the Adobe Gaming SDK.


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  2. Clark

    Thanks Josh! I cannot imagine how much effort it takes to put together a library like this. Appreciated.