Foxhole mobile UI controls for Starling

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already heard all about my project, Foxhole for Starling. It’s a set of UI components built on Starling Framework. Though originally designed for my mobile games, I’m working hard on them every day to expand the capabilities for use in a wider variety of scenarios.

A few Foxhole controls skinned for Rivers of Olympus

I released the source code a few weeks ago, with no documentation at all and only a brief mention in the announcement for my game, Rivers of Olympus. Immediately, I received a number of requests for more info and general interest in giving the components a try. With the pressure on, I spent a week adding some much-needed features, creating some example code (including a skin, which I left out at first), and finally adding a little API documentation. Things have finally settled into a bit of stability, so I thought I’d make a more formal announcement of the Foxhole for Starling project now.

Here are a number of important links to get you started:

Please don’t hesitate to send feedback. I’ve been having a ton of fun working on Foxhole for Starling, and I’d love to continue making it better for everyone. Enjoy!

About Josh Tynjala

Josh Tynjala is a frontend developer, open source contributor, bowler hat enthusiast, and karaoke addict. You might be familiar with his project, Feathers UI, an open source user interface library for Starling Framework that is included in the Adobe Gaming SDK.


  1. Josh Tynjala

    Mentioning this in the comments, since it’s relevant, but could be confusing in the main post. I also have a project called foxhole-legacy on Github. That’s is a classic display list version of Foxhole. It’s where Foxhole started (back when AIR on mobile was still the “Packager for iPhone”), and I’m still trying to keep it mostly in sync with the Starling version since it may continue to be useful in some cases.

  2. ren

    Hi, I’d like to try out your components, I was planning on making on myself, heres hoping that adobe will somehow enable stage 3d on its mobile components as well

  3. Pierre Chamberlain

    First time I stumble upon Foxhole-Starling today. Looks like a very useful and easy to use UI library that SHOULD replace Flex in the future.

    I’ve only tried the “Kitchen Sink” example so far though. Is it possible to have higher-quality font / borders / background, or does it have to be blocky-pixel fonts? This makes a nice default setting to quickly put something together, but I assume you have support for higher-resolution graphics, yes?

    Again, very nice library!

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  5. Philip

    Nice work! Do you have a demo/showcase app for iOS / Android? Something similar to Tour de Mobile Flex? As I’d love to try the web demos on my phone.

  6. Josh Tynjala

    Philip, the build scripts for each example have targets for iOS and Android too. The web demos are simply special builds so that people can try the components in their browser.

    The Kitchen Sink example includes an screen for each of the Foxhole components, so it’s probably the closest to the type of showcase that you’re looking for.